Self-priming pumps

Self-priming bare shaft pumps for coupling to any type of diesel, petrol, mixture or electric engine by means of a flexible joint. These pumps offer a high flow rate at medium-low heads. Suitable for clean, dirty or suspended solids water. Suitable for irrigation, emptying and water supply. The different versions available also allow use with corrosive liquids.

ModelFlower rate (m3/h)Head (m)Power (kW)Free Passage (mm)
X2-10036222.120x17Technical sheet
X2-100/140232.69x16Technical sheet
X3-17054518.613x12Technical sheet
X3-180/160588.813x16Technical sheet
X3-200605912.413x20Technical sheet
X3-10066223.830x26Technical sheet
X3-18072601413x24Technical sheet
X3-100/178225.530x34Technical sheet
X3-21090297.640x40Technical sheet
X4-10096226.945x45Technical sheet
X4-16015028.411.240x50Technical sheet
X4-2501804118.845x50Technical sheet
X4-3162305738.550x50Technical sheet
X6-250320332586x73Technical sheet
X6-400414598054x54Technical sheet
X8-3005223032.540x63Technical sheet
X10-3059004569.585x85Technical sheet