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We have evolved from year to year to get to create the best in the field of agriculture, building and industry applications. Water has always been our most valuable asset. Respecting it also means being able to control the flow so as to ensure the best use.

CADOPPI knows it: for this reason, for almost Eighty-Five years, it is engaged in the conception, design and implementation of tools for self priming, drainage, dredging  and fire fighting pumps to building and industrial use. Our pumps offer the best in water management.

Since 1935 in the heart of the Italy

Cadoppi a leading manufacturing company for any request concerning water pumps for agriculture, building and industry applications. The company was established in 1935 and since then, has continuously invested introducing into the market newly developed products capable to meet customers requirements. Range of products available are: single and multi stage bare shaft centrifugal pumps foreither diesel, gasoline or electric motors, self priming pumps for dirty water treatments, flanged pumps to be coupled with engines, trail or mounted single stage pumps, motorpumps, standardized pumps, electric pumps, submersible pumps.
Today you would be able to see these products all around the world proving that Cadoppi’s high technology has been approved by customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia. In this constant Cadoppi’s growth, we are the same yesterday, today and also tomorrow, only focused to provide the very best of our technology to all our customers.

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