Joint Plane Pumps

Double suction centrifugal pump

The UCT series pumps are axially split case centrifugal pumps, they are single stage with a double suction impeller supported between the bearings, mounted horizontally or vertically, with various materials for all kinds of applications.



The suction and discharge flanges are on the bottom of the body and on the same axis. The double suction design directs the flow to both sides of the impeller, reducing axial forces. The double acting design on most models reduces radial loading and minimizes noise and vibration. Suction and discharge flanges comply with TS EN 1092-2 / PN16 or PN25. (pumps with steel or stainless steel casings) All impellers are dynamically or statically balanced to ISO 1940 Class 6.3. Replaceable wear rings reduce maintenance costs and protect the pump casing. bronze shaft protect the shaft and help secure the wheel.


  • power plants
  • The building system
  • Fire fighting
  • Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage
  • Water treatment and pressurization

Operating ranges

Operating characteristics

Operation: Centrifugal

Max temperature pumped liquid: 110°C

Max temperature operating temperature: 40°C

Max time operating time with Q=0: 2min

Fluid: Clear Water

Viscosity of the treated liquid: 1mm²/s

Density of the treated liquid: 998.3 Kg/m³

Max pressure: 25bar


Housing: Cast iron EN-GJL-250

Impeller: Cast iron EN-GJL-250

Bearing housing: Cast iron EN-GJL-250

Shaft: Chrome Steel

Wear ring: Cast bronze

Shaft sleeve: SS420

Shaft seal: EN 12756 / DIN 24250

Flushing pipeline: Q235-A

Range Features

Power supply: 380/400 V ~3

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 4 ÷ 200kW

Poles: 2

Vertical discharge: DN 65 ÷ DN 600

Horizontal discharge: –

ambient temperature max. : 40°C

Max flow : 6000m3/h

Max lifting height : 180m