Dredging Pumps

DG Series have been designed for stirring up and mixing into suspension abrasive components such as sand/gravel, stones and similar debris and then transferring it over considerable distances.They are ideal for a wide range of dredging, mineral extraction and industrial cleaning operations. THREE-PHASE 220V ±10% 440V ±10%

Different Setups

ModelFlower rate (m3/h)Head (m)Power (kW)Free Passage (mm)
DG-430156362235Technical sheet
DG-630396192260Technical sheet
DG-650H420403740Technical sheet
DG-650480303760Technical sheet
DG-850480303760Technical sheet
DG-675480535540Technical sheet
DG-875480405560Technical sheet
DG-8100660387560Technical sheet
DG-101009602475100Technical sheet
DG-1015096028110125Technical sheet