Semi-axial submersible electric pumps (Cast Iron Turbines)



Wet end mixed flow centrifugal pumps with incorporated check valve. With flow rates up to 1200 m³ (maximum) and closed discharge pressures up to 500 meters, these pumps are for borehole diameters from 6 to 14 inches. Features cast stainless steel impellers and cataphoresis treated suction/discharge bowls as standard.


  • Domestic water supply
  • Water supply
  • Groundwater supply
  • Irrigation system

Operating ranges

Operating characteristics

Operation: Submerged

Max temperature pumped liquid: 30°C

Max temperature operating temperature: 40°C

Max time operating time with Q=0: 2min

Fluid: Clear Water

Viscosity of the treated liquid: 1mm²/s

Minimum water level above the strainer: 800mm

Density of the treated liquid: 998.3 Kg/m³

Contentmax. of solids: 40g/m3


Output: Cast Iron + Cataphoresis

Check valve: Stainless steel

Diffuser: Cast iron + Cataphoresis

Wheel: Stainless steel

Guide pad: Elastomer

Spacer: Chrome-plated brass

Wear ring: Elastomer / Steel

Outer jacket: Stainless steel

Pump shaft: Stainless steel

Sleeve: Stainless steel

Suction body: Cast iron + Cataphoresis

Filter grid: Stainless steel

Range Features

Power supply: 380/400 V ~3

Frequency: 50Hz

Power: 2.2 ÷ 400kW

Poles: 2

Vertical discharge: GAS 2 1/2″ ÷ DN 10″

Horizontal discharge: –

ambient temperature max. : 40°C

Max flow : 1200m3/h

Max lifting height : 500m