Motor model
MITSUBISHI S4Q2-SD , 4-temps, ATHMO , N/A 4
Cylinder arrangement L
Displacement (C.I.) 2.51
Bore (mm) X Stroke (mm) 88 X 103
Compression ratio 22 : 1
DATA Speed (RPM) 1500
Pistons speed (m/s) 5.15
GENERAL DATA Maximum stand-by power at rated RPM (kW) 23.87
Frequency regulation (%) 2.5
BMEP (bar) 6.93
Governor type MECA
Exhaust gas temperature (°F) 600
EXHAUST SYSTEM Exhaust gas flow (L/s) 74
Max. exhaust back pressure (mm CE) 680
Consumption @ 110% load (L/h) 6.8
Consumption @ 100% load (L/h) 6.2
FUEL SYSTEM Consumption @ 75% load (L/h) 4.7
Consumption @ 50% load (L/h) 3.4
Maximum fuel pump flow (L/hr) 36
Oil capacity (L) 6.5
Min. oil pressure (bar) 1
OIL Max. oil pressure (bar) 5
Oil consumption 100% load (L/h) 0.06
Carter oil capacity (L) 5.5
Heat rejection to exhaust (kW) 21
Radiated heat to ambiant (kW) 3
Haet rejection to coolant (kW) 19
AIR INTAKE AIR INTAKE_entree_max% 200
Intake air flow (L/s) 29
Radiator & Engine capacity (L) 8.1
Max water temperature (°C) 111
Outlet water temperature (°C) 93
Fan power (kW) 0.8
COOLANT SYSTEM Fan air flow w/o restriction (m3/s) 0.8
Available restriction on air flow (mm CE) 10
Type of coolant GENCOOL
Thermostat (°C) 76.5-90
Emissions PM (g/kW.h) N/A
EMISSIONS Emission CO (g/kW.h) N/A
Emissions HCNOx (g/kWh) N/A
Emission HC (g/kW.h) N/A

Poles 4
Power Factor Cos φ: 0.8
Max speed rpm: 1500
Frequency: 50Hz
Output voltage: 230/400V
Connection type (standard): Star
Coupling Type: SAE3
Degree of protection Insulation: Class H
Mechanical protection degree (according to IEC-34-5): IP23
Excitation system: Self-excited brushless
Voltage regulator: AVR (Electronic)
Support Type: Single Bearing
Coupling System: Flexible Disc
Type of coating: Standard (vacuum impregnation)
Winding pitch: 2/3
Altitude: 0-1000
Ambient temperature: 40 C°

Max temperature exhaust gas: 544 ºC
External exhaust outlet diameter: 110 mm
Maximum allowable back pressure: 5 kPA
Maximum air required for combustion: 5.7 m3/min

– Dimensions Open.
Length 1405mm
Height 1053mm
Width 715mm
Weight with filled radiator and crankcase1200 kg
– Dimensions Soundproof.
Length 1750mm
Height 1230mm
Width 775mm
Weight with filled radiator and crankcase