Engine specs: 1,500 rpm
Nominal power: 820 kW prp; 902kW standby
Manufacturer : BAUDOUIN
Model: 12M26G1000
Engine type: 4-stroke diesel
Injection type: Direct
Type of aspiration: Turbocharged
Cylinders, number and arrangement: 12 – V
Diameter x stroke: 150×150 mm
Total displacement: 31.8 L
Refrigeration system: Water + 50% Glycol
Engine oil specifications: ACEA E3, E5
Compression ratio: 15.7 1
Fuel consumption ESP219.3 l/h
Fuel consumption at 100%: GWP195.5 l/h
Fuel consumption at 75%: GWP146.5 l/h
Fuel consumption at 50%: GWP100.8 l/h
Oil consumption at full load: < 0.2% fuel consumption
Oil capacity including tubes, filters: 113 L
Total amount of coolant: 108 L
Electronic Type Regulator
Dry Type Air Filter
Low refrigerant level detector
Exhaust gas compensator
Diesel motor
4 stroke
Water cooled
24V electric start
standard air filter
Standard fuel filter
Standard oil filter
Radiator with blower fan
High water temperature indicators
Low oil pressure indicators
Protection of hot parts
Protection of moving parts
Self-excited, self-regulated
4 Poles
Electronic regulation (AVR)
IP23 protection
Class H insulation
Electrical and power control, with measuring devices and controllers (according to needs and configuration)
Circuit breaker protection
Wired connection panel with safety protection (open circuit breaker protection and alarm)
Maintenance-free and explosion-proof battery
battery switch
Battery charger (included in automatic control panels)
Preheating resistor with single-phase pump
Heating resistor (standard on automatic control panels)
Starter battery(ies) installed (bracket included)
Earthing of the electrical installation, with connection provided for earth rod (not supplied)
Steel frame
Emergency stop button
Fuel tank integrated in the chassis
Fuel level gauge
Tank drain plug
Sound level (7m) dB(A) – 80 + 2.4

Manufacturer: SINCRO or MECC-ALTE
Poles 4
Power Factor Cos φ: 0.8
Max speed rpm: 1500
Frequency: 50Hz
Output voltage: 230/400V
Connection type (standard): Star
Coupling type: S-0 18”
Degree of protection Insulation: Class H
Mechanical protection degree (according to IEC-34-5): IP23
Excitation system: Self-excited brushless
Voltage regulator: AVR (Electronic)
Support Type: Single Bearing
Coupling System: Flexible Disc
Type of coating: Standard (vacuum impregnation)
Winding pitch: 2/3
Altitude: 0-1000
Ambient temperature: 40 C°

Max temperature exhaust gas: 550 ºC
External exhaust outlet diameter: 220 mm
Maximum allowable back pressure: 7.5 kPA
Maximum air required for combustion: 4497 ​​m3/h

– Dimensions Open.
Length 5150mm
Height 2200mm
Width 2200mm
Weight with filled radiator and crankcase8000 kg
– Dimensions Soundproof.
Length 6000mm
Height 2800mm
Width 2400mm
Weight with filled radiator and crankcase