Water is energy and brings all to life on our planet earth and pumps are the heart of water.
Cadoppi s.r.l. - an important italian water pump manufacturer since 1935.

Year that was founded by the Cadoppi brothers and became highly specialized producing water pumps and later on electric pumps for drainage and water lifting to.

Extreme high quality obtained through severe controls, professional attitudes and liability have always been the strength of Cadoppi.

75% of our array of pumps are distributed among the European market, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, while the remaining 25% is related to local Italian market.

In total, Cadoppi pumps are exported in 45 different nations, thus granting the company  a

Worldwide presence in almost all markets.

47 different type of pump series are the Cadoppi range being used in the hereunder listed fields:

- agriculture                                         from 5 Hp up to 350 Hp
- thermo hydraulics (plumbers)        from 0.35Hp up to    50 Hp
- fire fighting systems                        from 7.5 Hp up to  150 Hp
- booster systems                               from 0.5 Hp up to 150 Hp
- aqueduct systems                            from 2 Hp up to  250 Hp
- building                                              from 5 Hp  up to 250 Hp
- industry                                              from 2 Hp up to 200 Hp
- breeding / aquaculture
- sewage / drainage

Continuous research, OEM customed solutions and tight business relations with each customer, combined with  the daily hard team work,  as well as the same enthusiasm after the many experienced years, today still give Cadoppi all the necessary energies to steadily grow  and enhance better  services to our world Cadoppi family.

Come and join us and let’s share together this wonderful experience.







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